Bicycle Shoes, handlebar tape, saddles

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Phonetic spelling of the word physique, referring to the form or state of the human body.

Founded in 1996, fizik's mission is to make the most sophisticated, inspiring and beautiful gear for the world's most discerning cyclists. The passion for design and performance behind fizik's diverse product range for road, off-road and triathlon is expressed through the countless victories in the pro peloton, being the choice of the most inspiring athletes and winning many design awards.

fizik is committed to providing the ultimate in saddle, shoe, bar-tape and component design - combining comfort and lightweight with technology and innovation.

Through physiological research, anatomic studies and advanced technological development, fizik has succeeded in creating that perfect combination.

Fizik Series

Each fizik product series represents a cycling attitude, a riding experience we deliver through unique products.


CONCEPTS is a cross-disciplinary collaboration of leading industry experts and academics that puts fizik at the forefront of cycling innovation and design.

CONCEPTS is fizik’s mark of excellence, giving cyclists of all levels absolute confidence that we’ve channeled everything we’ve got into our best, most innovative products.

Every CONCEPTS product is extensively tested, in the lab and on the road, with professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts. We collect and analyse extensive feedback, using it to create superior products that help you ride longer and faster.

Experts in product design and technology, sports science and physiotherapy work closely with testers and athletes on CONCEPTS products. We consider their different perspectives and use creative problem-solving techniques to come up with innovative solutions.

At fizik, our love for cycling and empathy for the cyclist are central to everything we do. We use our personal cycling experiences to innovate, test, and improve the products we create.

CONCEPTS is right at the heart of this brand philosophy. It’s a mindset shared by everyone at fizik as we strive to deliver the best possible riding experience.


Bicycle Shoes, handlebar tape, saddles
Bicycle Shoes, handlebar tape, saddles
Bicycle Shoes, handlebar tape, saddles
Bicycle Shoes, handlebar tape, saddles
Bicycle Shoes, handlebar tape, saddles
Bicycle Shoes, handlebar tape, saddles
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