We supply category-leading products from the world’s best brands to Vietnam’s premier retailers. We represent amazing brands from across the globe all looking to offer their products to the Vietnam market. We import, warehouse, market and supply those products to a network of specialty, national chain, and online, retailers across the country


Power is in the brand. We build on a brand’s success by adapting its unique identity, culture, and message for the Vietnam market.  We grow brand awareness and loyalty by engaging consumers in the community, online, and instore. We create branded Vietnamese-language websites, produce original online content, and develop and manage a brand’s local social media presence across multiple platforms. We build point-of-sale solutions, we design storefronts, signage, layouts, and event spaces so we can be sure the brand message stays true online, in-store, and beyond.


Our customers are the best in the world and making them successful is our top priority. We’re lucky to work with so many talented business owners across Vietnam that have a passion for bringing authentic products, top-level service, and incredible experiences to consumers in Vietnam. We know that customer loyalty is earned after the sale, so we extend and uphold the original manufactures full warranty on every product we sell, we stock original replacement parts, and we have a flexible return and exchange policy. We provide technical, product, and sales training along with all the materials needed to make our customer’s business better, their team stronger, and their consumers happier.

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