We fully appreciate the dedication needed to build and maintain a successful retail business in Vietnam. We know that our customer’s time is better spent engaging with consumers and running their operations than combing through spreadsheets, cross-referencing catalogs, and on the phone with suppliers. 
So, in 2020 we launched our B2B Portal so we could give our customers a more direct way to access our information and place their orders. More than just an online order system, the Premium B2B Portal gives our customers insight into their business, access to transactional history, and visibility of key sales metrics. Notifications on when new products are introduced are back in stock and ready to order, or have a price change, keep customers up to date and informed. The online order catalog provides all the critical information to make an informed purchase or answer consumer questions. Pricing, stock levels, product images, and features, and next in-stock dates, are all there. 
If your consumer requires a quote, or you want to share product info with them, our catalog builder allows you to select items and generate a consumer-friendly PDF file. Of course, everything is fully customizable so customers see only the brands and products they want so they can save time in the ordering process. We realize that not everyone is as quick to embrace technology, so we still have a dedicated customer service and sales team ready to serve via phone, text, message, and email.



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