About Us


Premium Distribution is a distributor and aftersales service provider of cycling, sporting-goods, sports-nutrition, and lifestyle, products. We proudly serve a network of over 100 specialty bicycle, sporting goods, nutrition, and national-chain, retailers throughout Vietnam. We are committed to using our knowledge and experience to elevate our customer’s business and to support competitive sport, active lifestyles and cycling in Vietnam.

In the late 2000’s Vietnam was poised to make the jump from seeing bikes as only low-cost transportation to being a source of leisure, recreation, sport and pride. Understanding that change was coming we began to develop our own bike brand specifically for the Vietnam market. We opened the doors to our showroom in District 5, HCMC in 2012 and began the journey of bringing great products and service to our customers across Vietnam. 

Building on that early success, we began to forge partnerships with international cycling and sports brands looking to enter the Vietnam market and so, Premium Distribution was born. In the years since, we’ve had the honor of representing some amazing brands, working with some incredible customers, and a being part of some truly memorable events.


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