Sram Warranty Claim

Sram Warranty Claim
Premium Distribution believes that whenever possible, bike related service should be done by the trained service teams at Vietnam’s bike shops. In those rare cases when that is not an option, or if you’re a bike shop or distributor in Vietnam that have SRAM parts on your bike(s), you can submit and process your warranty evaluation claim here.

Warranty Process

See below for how to submit a warranty evaluation claim, the types of claims we process, and what you can expect when making a claim. Premium Distribution provides service, and processes claims, based on guidelines set out by the manufacture. The claim decision is the at the sole discretion of the manufacture, based on their warranty policy. In the event a claim for warranty is not approved, Premium is committed to finding the most favorable alternative for the customer. 

If you suspect your SRAM product to be defective in materials or workmanship because of the manufacturing process, immediately stop using or riding the product. Follow the steps below to submit your product for warranty evaluation.

  • Step 1: Take photo of the receipt and your SRAM products including the serial no.
  • Step 2: Fill out the Warranty form, upload the photo, product description, and submit
  • Step 3: Premium will contact you within 72-hours to discuss your claim and the next steps.

Requirements to make a claim

  1. You reside in Vietnam and you’re the original owner of a Sram, Zipp, Truvativ, Quarq, Rock Shox, product – whether it came equipped on a bike (OE), or was purchased individually (AM)
    --------- or ---------  
    You’re a retail bike shop, brand, or importer with Sram, Zipp, Truvativ, Quarq, Rock Shox product(s) that came equipped on a bike (OE) that was, or will be, sold in Vietnam  
  2. The bike or part was purchased within the last 2-years (24-months) 
  3. The damaged to the part was not a result of one of the excluded terms and conditions in the warranty. Mainly, wear and tear, abuse and/or neglect
What you need to make a claim 
  • Proof of purchase: If you’re a consumer, that would be your store receipt for either the bike, or the part. We do not accept handwritten receipts, or warranty cards. 
  • Serial Number: You can find details on how to find the serial number of the part later in this article 
  • Pictures: The following pictures are needed to submit the claim.
    • The proof of purchase  
    • The SRAM part
    • The SRAM part’s serial number
    • The complete bike
    • The complete bike’s serial number
What to expect after submitting a claim
  • You can expect to be contacted within 72-hours from the time of your claim
  • In some cases, additional images or information will be requested 
  • In many cases, we will require the product to be returned to Premium Distribution to be examined.

Need help finding your serial number

Our Serial Number Location Guide will help you find your serial number to search above for the information you need.





Warranty FAQ

Q: What is not covered by your warranty?

A: In addition to normal wear and tear, damage resulting from a collision; improper installation, operation or service; and use of incompatible or modified parts is not covered under warranty. See the full details of the warranty policy here.

Q: Do you have a crash replacement program?

A: As riders, we understand crashes are part of riding. If you have a product damaged in a crash, please see below for details on our programs.

Q: How long does SRAM support products with spare parts?

A: SRAM supports their products for as long as possible, even if they have been discontinued. Contact your local bike shop, or Premium Distribution for help.

Q: Is there a cost for to make a claim?

A: We are proud to offer and support our warranty policy, and to process claims free of charge. If the part qualifies for warranty, you will receive a replacement part - of equal or better function and value - free of charge. Additional costs resulting from, installation, service, or shipping is at the expense of the customer.


We here to help

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